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A tied U.S. Supreme Court today blocked President Barack Obama’s 2014 attempt to bar deportation of about 4 million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States. The nine-word decision in United States v. Texas upholds the injunction placed on the program in February 2015 by a federal judge in Brownsville, Texas. That state and 25…


June 20, 2016 show Sr. Cathy Ryan, executive director of Maryville Academy, joins Bob ito talk about Maryville’s new direction since she recently announced the longtime institution would end its residential program for wards of the state as of June 30 in the face of shrinking state funding for such programs, as community-based placements are…


The Catholic Conference of Illinois today released a statement on Senate Bill 1564, which just passed the Illinois House after previously passing the Senate. It now returns to the Senate for concurrence on a minor House amendment. The Senate is expected to concur. UPDATE: The Senate did concur with the minor House amendment. The…


The U.S. Supreme Court today unanimously sent the Little Sisters of the Poor's challenge to the federal mandate requiring insurance coverage of morally-objectionable services back to the federal appeals court, telling the nuns and the government to work out a compromise. The case hinged on the nun's contention that the mandate violated the federal Religious…


Catholic Conference of Illinois Executive Director Robert Gilligan today warned lawmakers the social services safety net is being destroyed by the state budget impasse. Gilligan was joined by Stephanie Johnson, director of government relations for Catholic Charities of Chicago, in testifying before members of the Illinois House Human Services Appropriations Committee on the absence of…


Auxiliary Bishop Alberto Rojas of the Archdiocese of Chicago today urged rally attendees at a Chicago church to push state lawmakers to extend the deadline of a children's health insurance program. The Covering All Kids Health Insurance Act — commonly known as All Kids — was approved by lawmakers in 2006, with a sunset date…


Illinois Catholic bishops today sent a letter to Illinois House members to reject House Bill 4013 and its call for public funding of abortions. House Bill 4013 passed the House Human Services Committee on a partisan 8-6 vote in March 2015, but was sent back to the Rules Committee after a short availability for a…


Catholic Conference of Illinois Executive Director Robert Gilligan today spoke at a statehouse press conference, urging support for legislation that extends the deadline of a state health insurance program for children set to expire July 1. The Covering All Kids Health Insurance Act — commonly known as All Kids — was approved by lawmakers in…




Prison and Jail Ministry

CCI coordinates a statewide effort of prison and jail ministry offered through the dioceses. Lay Catholics receive training to offer hope to inmates through the salvation of the Gospel.