The Education Department advocates for additional funding sources to supplement Catholic schools across the state, as well as school choice options. It also works to maintain a smooth and cooperative relationship between the Illinois State Board of Education and Catholic schools.


Social Services

The Social Services Department partners with faith-based social service providers while protecting the right of religious conscience.


Ad Hoc Committees

The Conference also advocates on behalf of other public policy areas, such as cemeteries, health care, immigration, peace and social justice, prison and jail ministry, and senior issues.


Catholics for Life

The Catholics for Life Department supports legislative efforts designed to reduce and eventually eliminate abortion. It opposes legislation or other policy initiatives that undermine the sanctity of human life at any stage from conception to natural death.


Marriage and Family Life

The Marriage and Family Life Department is CCI’s newest department. It was created by the bishops to support policies that promote marriage and strengthen the family. It opposes policies that undermine marriage as a sacred union between one man and one woman.