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It is truly tragic the Senate Public Health Committee today approved Senate Bill 1594, which seeks to repeal the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Since this law went into effect, the incidence of abortions among minors has dropped 57 percent in Illinois.

Why would anybody vote for legislation that effectively removes parents and guardians of minors from a major decision that is known to have significant physical and mental after effects?

Current law makes it illegal for minors in Illinois to use an indoor tanning bed; buy cigarettes, alcohol or lottery tickets; or vote in an election. Are we to believe abortion is somehow less consequential than getting a tan?  

We urge the full Senate to use reason, support parents and their daughters, and strongly reject this appalling legislation.



Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced in a press release that she would contact all of the Catholic dioceses in the state as a follow-up to the release this week of the Pennsylvania grand jury report outlining sexual abuse allegations against more than 300 priests in that state over 70 years and affecting more than 1,000 victims.

“The Catholic Church has a moral obligation to provide its parishioners and the public a complete and accurate accounting of all sexually inappropriate behavior involving priests in Illinois,” Madigan stated in the press release.

The longtime attorney general, who is not running for re-election in November, noted that a review of the Pennsylvania grand jury report indicates that at least seven priests have ties to Illinois.

“The Chicago Archdiocese has agreed to meet with me,” Madigan stated in the release. “I plan to reach out to the other dioceses in Illinois to have the same conversation and expect the bishops will agree and cooperate fully.”

Robert Gilligan, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Illinois, offers the following statement on the upcoming inquiries by the attorney general:

“Since 2002, the six Catholic dioceses in Illinois have followed the procedures and protocols of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People established that year by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. We look forward to working with Attorney General Madigan on these inquiries.”


Gov. Bruce Rauner today called for the reinstatement of the death penalty for individuals convicted of mass shootings or the fatal shooting of a police officer.

His call came in his written amendatory veto of House Bill 1468, which requires a 72-hour waiting period before the purchase of an assault weapon. The governor introduces a new burden of proof — "beyond all doubt" — as opposed to the current "beyond a reasonable doubt" — for those individuals charged with the fatal shooting of a law enforcement officer or a group of people. His full amendatory veto message may be found here.

The death penalty in Illinois was abolished in 2011, following a moratorium placed on the final sentence in 2000 by then Gov. George Ryan, a Republican. The Catholic Conference actively supported the ban of the death penalty, issuing a statement when Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn signed Senate Bill 3539 into law.

The Catholic Conference today issued the following statement in response to the governor's actions, or click here for a PDF version:

We are distressed and alarmed by Gov. Bruce Rauner’s call for the reinstatement of the death penalty in any way, shape or form. His call to put to death individuals convicted of mass shootings or the fatal shooting of a law enforcement officer under proof of “beyond all doubt” instead of “beyond a reasonable doubt” is simply parsing words. You cannot teach killing is wrong by killing. We are all God’s children, and our first – and primary – right to life must always be protected and unconditional.



Gov. Bruce Rauner today announced that he would sign House Bill 40, which authorizes the use of taxpayer monies to pay for elective abortions for Medicaid participants and state employees. He had earlier pledged to veto the bill.

The Catholic Conference of Illinois today released the following statement. Click here for a PDF.

We are deeply disturbed that Governor Rauner has broken his word and firm public promise to veto HB 40. 

Governor Rauner, together with the legislators who voted for this misguided legislation, will now force Illinois taxpayers to pay for the taking of human life, in this case that of a defenseless child in the womb.

We remain dedicated to advocating for the dignity and sanctity of human life from conception to natural death and will work to convince the public and our elected officials about the grave moral error this legislation represents.