Education Newsletters

CCI NewsletterAs head of CCI's Education Department, Zach Wichmann writes an occasional newsletter on education issues pending at the state and federal level and their impact on Catholic schools.

Education Newsletter: September 2016

The beginning of a new school year means catching up on the latest education news and regulations. Check out our September 2016 Education Newsletter for updates on the proposed state Invest in Kids Act, the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act, and guidelines for schools on creating a "concussion oversight team."

Education Newsletter: November 2015

Remember those protocols established for student athletes and concussions? Lawmakers passed legislation delaying the the protocols for a year, and the governor is expected to sign it into law. Learn more in our November 2015 Education Newsletter.

Education Newsletter: August 2015

Schools are opening back up after the summer break, and that means school sports will be starting. Read about the new guidelines for student athletes and concussions in our August 2015 Education Newsletter.

Education Newsletter: May 2015

As the legislative session reaches into May, the action starts to heat up. So does our campaign for school choice called "Invest in Kids." This initiative will allow corporations and individuals to get a state income tax credit for donations made to foundtions that grant scholarships to low-income students to attend private and Catholic schools. PLUS, it also increases the income tax credit individuals get for education expenses from $500 to $750. Read more about it in our May 2015 Education Newsletter.

Education Newsletter: March 2015

Recent news has focused on the $300 million shortfall in the Child Care Assistance Program, a state-federal program that allows for subsidies to be paid to daycare providers so that low-income parents can work or attend school. Did you know that some of our Catholic schools receive money from this program? Read more in our March 2015 Education Newsletter.  

Education Newsletter: February 2015

The spring legislative session began in mid-January, and it promises to be an exciting time for educational initiatives for both Catholic and public schools. The Catholic Conference of Illinois has teamed with EdChoice Illinois in crafting the Quality Schools Tax Credit Act. What is it? Read the February 2015 Education Newsletter to find out!

Education Newsletter: December 2014

CCI's education advocacy efforts rely on principals and legislative action people (LAP) getting the word out to parents and Catholic school supporters about education initiatives. Read how this organized effort works to publicize the greatness of our Catholic schools in the December 2014 Education Newsletter.  

Education Newsletter: November 2014

The fall legislative veto session begins Nov. 19, but CCI is expecting little action on education-related issues. So, we jump ahead to the upcoming spring legislative session and review the just -approved goals for the new, two-year General Assembly that will be seated on Inauguration Day in January. Read all about it in the November 2014 Education Newsletter.

Education Newsletter: October 2014

This is the first newsletter since the end-of-session report was issued in early June. We review the major pieces of education legislation that were passed during the spring session, and remind you of some important administrative deadlines coming up this fall. Read all about it in the October 2014 Education Newsletter.

Education Newsletter: May-June 2014

The spring 2014 legislative session ended on May 31, with education funding for the next fiscal year remaining flat. But how did other education initiatives fare? Read our May-June Education Newsletter to find out.