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Pope Francis in his July 2016  prayer video asks us to respect the identity and traditions of all Indigenous people.


Pope Francis takes on the plight of the elderly and marginalized in this month's prayer video, as he asks us that they find opportunities for encounter and solidarity, even within the large cities of the world.


Pope Francis' prayer video for May focusus on women, and offers the prayer that they be heard, respected and valued for their contribution to society.


Catholic Conference of Illinois Executive Director Robert Gilligan testified today before the Illinois House Human Services Appropriations Committee on the impact the state budget impasse is having on Catholic Charities agencies and the people it serves throughout the state. The state has been without a budget since July 1, 2015. Stephanie Johnson, director of government relations for Catholic Charities of Chicago, also testified. On the date of the hearing, Catholic Charities of Chicago was owed $18 million by the state, mostly for in-home services for senior citizens, keeping them out of a more costly nursing home.