June 20, 2015 show Host Bob Gilligan is joined by Jason Negri, a lawyer and assistant director of the Patients Rights Council, to talk about the physician-assisted suicide movement in the United States. Then,  Dr. Mark Potosnak, an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Studies at DePaul University, joins Bob to talk about Pope Francis’ recent ...


Vatican officials today released a beautiful video outlining the underlining principles of Pope Francis' new encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si'.


Are you a Catholic school parent? Do you care about Catholic schools? The Illinois Kids Campaign is for you! The Illinois Kids Campaign is an initiative that seeks to increase funding for both private and public schools, as outlined in this fact sheet. The Catholic Conference of Illinois ...


June 15, 2015 show CCI's own Zach Wichmann joins Bob to urge listeners to call or email their state lawmakers to support the Illinois Kids Campaign. This initiative would increase the education expenses tax credit to $1,000 from $500, and would create scholarships for kids to attend Catholic schools. Next, Anita Bedell of the Illinois Church Action ...