A tied U.S. Supreme Court today blocked President Barack Obama’s 2014 attempt to bar deportation of about 4 million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States. The nine-word decision in United States v. Texas upholds the injunction placed on the program in February ...


June 20, 2016 show Sr. Cathy Ryan, executive director of Maryville Academy, joins Bob ito talk about Maryville’s new direction since she recently announced the longtime institution would end its residential program for wards of the state as of June 30 in the face of shrinking state funding for such programs, as community-based placements are seen as more beneficial ...


Pope Francis takes on the plight of the elderly and marginalized in this month's prayer video, as he asks us that they find opportunities for encounter and solidarity, even within the large cities of the world.


The Catholic Conference of Illinois today released a statement on Senate Bill 1564, which just passed the Illinois House after previously passing the Senate. It now returns to the Senate for concurrence on a minor House amendment. The Senate is expected to concur. UPDATE: The Senate did concur with the minor House amendment. The bill ...