Thursday, Jan 23, 2014


Ever wonder how Pope Francis comes up with such great comments? He's got a great source — the Social Teaching of the Church.

The Catholic Conference of Illinois is offering a 91-day program of daily, emailed readings of the Social Teaching of the Church.

Now is your chance to learn about what the Church teaches about such issues as the human dignity of each person, the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity, the importance of marriage and the family, the dignity of work, the morality of the economy, the political community, international relations, safeguarding the environment, and the promotion of peace.

Participants will receive a daily email featuring a small section of the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church – usually just a few paragraphs — beginning on Ash Wednesday (March 5) and continuing through June 8. The readings will be offered in both English and Spanish. 

If you are a latecomer to "91 Days," catch up with this reading list, as well as the informational email we sent to all participants before the program started. If you've completed "91 Days" and want to learn more about Church teaching, check out this suggested reading list.