Tuesday, May 14, 2013


apple-on-books-on-teachers-desktop Attention principals, teachers and parents of children in grades K-12: Some hope exists that funding for the Textbook Block Grant program may make it into the budget for the new fiscal year set to begin July 1.

This program has provided secular textbooks, learning materials and instructional computer software to public and nonpublic school students, but has not been funded for several years because of the state's dire financial straits.

However, legislation in both the House and Senate providing $12.5 million to the program have been introduced, respectively, by Rep. Kelly Burke, D-Oak Lawn, and Sen. Bill Cunningham, D-Chicago. House Bill 2321 and Senate Bill 2152 are the identical vehicle bills for this funding.

Legislative leaders are asking to hear from their constituents on these bills. The EASIEST way for you to ask your state representative and senator to vote "yes" for textbook funding is to CLICK here to send a pre-written email to them about HB 2321 and SB 2152.

If you want to call your state representative and state senator, you can click here to look up who they are, and then contact them.

Here's a fact sheet on HB 2321 and SB 2152.

WE NEED YOU: Your support of this initiative is essential — please be sure your legislators hear from you and your school community!