Wednesday, Jan 11, 2023

Once again, in the waning hours of a legislative session, the Illinois General Assembly passed significant changes to abortion law in our state. The legislation found in HB 4664 is likely to put women at risk rather than help them, and unfortunately, it will lead to more abortion and destruction of unborn human life. Allowing certain medical professionals to perform aspersion abortions early in a pregnancy as well as allowing someone whose license has been revoked or suspended for doing an abortion in a state where the practice is illegal to do abortions in Illinois is harmful to women.

In our written testimony we asked lawmakers how this legislation benefits women? HB 4664 does not. The only consistent theme in the 271-page bill is how to cater to people who want to come to our state for an abortion and to limit legal repercussions for those who perform abortions. Instead of prioritizing policies that will help women in difficult situations and make every unplanned pregnancy be a welcomed one, our state continues to find new ways to promote abortion – the destruction of a human life.

We call on more Illinois citizens to become educated about the laws being passed in Springfield so our state can begin to enact laws that will not only protect unborn children but also truly help the women and men entrusted to their child’s care and development.

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