Thursday, Feb 10, 2022

Please call your Illinois State House Representatives to express support for House Bill 4126. The legislation improves the Invest in Kids Scholarship Program.

The Invest in Kids Scholarship Program was enacted in 2017 to help children from middle to low income families attend a non-public school of their parents’ choice. Scholarships are funded through the donors who receive a 75% tax credit on their Illinois state income taxes for their contribution.

House Bill 4126 makes two improvements:

  • The first would help ensure a child continue receiving a scholarship beyond the first year of his/her eligibility. Currently, the scholarship is not guaranteed beyond the first year of the program.
  • The second would allow for partial scholarships to be awarded. Currently, the law allows little flexibility to award partial scholarships. This change will result in the award of even more scholarships.

We need your help to make improvements to this important program.

For further information about HB 4126 click here. To locate and contact your legislator click here.