Wednesday, Jan 06, 2010

The following publications are not available online, but copies may be obtained by calling our Springfield office at (217) 528-9200.

“Catholic Schools:  In Service and In Need” 

“Discover the Catholic Church” was written to support general education, formation and evangelization. Obviously, it is neither long nor detailed enough to comprehensively express the fullness and beauty of Catholic teaching, but we hope that it will serve as an important supplement to efforts on behalf of the Church.

A complimentary copy of this brochure may be obtained from our Springfield office. Additional copies may be purchased through Liturgical Training Publications at 1-800-933-1800.

“Some Notes for a History 1969-1994”(history of CCI) – printed in 1994

“Pastoral Response to Immigration”– 1997(also available in Spanish and Polish)

“A Catholic Perspective on Gambling in Illinois” – 1999(available in English and Spanish)

“Moving Beyond Racism:  Learning to see with the eyes of Christ”– April 2000

“Catholic and Lutheran Reflections on the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification” – Summer 2000

“That Abundance May Flourish – A Catholic Perspective on Rural Life in Illinois”– Spring 2001