Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023

Thank you for attending “Talking to Lawmakers on Opposing Assisted Suicide.” We appreciate your attendance and hope you find this helpful knowledge. As a follow up, we would like to provide you with additional information that we hope will enhance the communication journey with your lawmakers.

What is the Catholic Conference of Illinois?
The Catholic Conference of Illinois (CCI) was created in 1969 to serve as the public policy voice of the Illinois bishops and lay Catholics. It interacts with the state legislature, the governor’s office and all elements of state government to promote and defend the interests of the Church.

For further details on the CCI click HERE.

What is the I-CAN network?
The Illinois Catholic Advocacy Network (I-CAN) was crafted as a vehicle for interested individuals to stay informed on issues affecting the Church and her mission at both the state and federal levels.

To learn more about the network and to sign up for I-CAN alerts, click HERE.

How to Find and Contact Your Local Legislator
The CCI has made it easy for individuals to locate and communicate with their local legislative representatives. Simply click HERE, enter your zip code and our search engine will direct you to names and contact information for your area.

Illinois General Assembly 2022 vs. 2023 Election Outcome and Impact
Illinois House of Representatives – 118 members – 60 votes are required to pass legislation.
• 72 Democrats
• 46 Republicans

• 78 Democrats
• 40 Republicans

Illinois State Senate – 59 members – 30 votes are required to pass legislation.
• 41 Democrats
• 18 Republicans

• 40 Democrats
• 19 Republicans

Additional Resources
To learn more about assisted suicide and how to help stop any legislation from being passed, please visit www.stopassistedsuicideil.com and www.patientsrightsaction.org.