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Aug. 26, 2013 show It may be summer, but we're not lazing away -- CCI's Bob Gilligan tackles three big issues in today's show. First up, Mike Kagan, superintendent of schools for the Rockford diocese and chair of CCI's Education Department, explains that the Common Core State Standards are simply educational goals for students to attain -- they are not a curriculum. The six superintendents of Catholic schools across the state last week issued a statement on ...


The Catholic Conference of Illinois this week joined other faith-based organizations in an amicus brief in a case before the Illinois Supreme Court calling for retroactive review of mandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles. The case comes on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Miller v. Alabama decision handed down in June 2012, in which the justices ruled the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution “forbids a sentencing ...


The superintendents of Catholic schools in the six dioceses of the state today issued a statement regarding Common Core State Standards in an effort to clarify that the standards are a set of educational goals students should seek to attain – they are not a curriculum. Forty-five states, including Illinois, have adopted the voluntary Common Core State Standards, which were developed to establish a clear set of educational expectations for students in ...