Bishop’s Statement


The bishops of the Belleville, Joliet and Springfield dioceses today dropped their lawsuit against the state of Illinois on behalf of Catholic Charities. The bishops sued on the grounds of religious freedom, stating Catholic Charities was allowed to refrain from placing children with civil union couples in accord with its belief to place children with married couples. A judge in August ruled Catholic Charities did not have property rights to state contracts. The bishops ...


Last week, Personal PAC, the Political Action Committee for Planned Parenthood, sent out an email to its supporters that Gov. Pat Quinn would give out an award -- the Pro-Choice Leadership Award -- at the PAC’s annual luncheon on Nov. 17. The bishops of Illinois put out a statement on Quinn’s plan to present this award.


Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield today commented on the 4th District Appellate Court's denial of a stay of the original ruling against Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities in the dioceses of Belleville, Peoria, Springfield and Joliet sued the state to retain their contracts for foster care and adoption. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services cancelled the contracts after the implementation of the new civil union law, claiming Catholic Charities discriminates in its practice of ...


Read what Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield and Bishop Daniel R. Jenky of Peoria have to say about the court decision against Catholic Charities in the organizations' efforts to continue contracting with the state for foster care and adoption services. Judge John Schmidt on Thursday ruled the state does not have to contract with Catholic Charities. The organizations' 40-year history of providing foster care and adoption services does not create a protected property interest in the renewal ...


Leaders of Illinois' six Catholic dioceses today called for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to revoke new rules mandating insurance coverage of contraceptives and sterilization that also create an extremely narrow definition of religious organizations eligible for exemption. The bishops wrote a letter to Sebelius, and also issued a press release.


Senate Bill 3539, legislation to end the use of the death penalty in Illinois, passed the Illinois Senate today by a vote of 32-25, with two present votes. After passing the Illinois House last week, the bill goes next to the Governor for his consideration. The Bishops of Illinois, through CCI, sent this statement to Senators, urging them to vote in favor of the bill.


Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield has issued a statement on the passage of Senate Bill 1716, authorizing civil unions for same-sex couples in Illinois.


The Catholic bishops of Illinois have written a letter in opposition to Senate Bill 1716. This legislation seeks to codify civil unions as the legal equivalent of marriage.